Picky Eaters?


Did you know children are not born as picky eaters? Eating is very complicated with experiences being shaped from birth, such as breastfeeding versus bottle feeding to when children are exposed to solid foods. Picky eating develops from parents’ eating habits, eating experiences or lack of, lack of skills necessary for eating a variety of foods, and sensory issues. Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) are not commonly known as professionals who can assist with infant feeding issues. However, an SLP with training on healthy mouth development for feeding and speech development and sensory feeding issues may be an important team member in targeting feeding issues.

Watch for Hearing Problems


Did you know children can have an ear infection without ever showing signs or symptoms? How can this happen? Well, there can be fluid on the inner side of tympanic membrane, most commonly known as the ear drum. When this happens, the fluid cannot be viewed by a doctor with an otoscope. It can also not be detected by brief screenings done in a pediatrician’s office. Only a special machine used by an audiologist (hearing specialist) can detect such fluid by indicating the inner ear is not functioning properly. If such ear infections are not detected, they cause a temporary hearing loss until detected. Any time there is a hearing loss, it sounds like you are under water. Multiple or extended episodes of fluid in the ears can cause damage resulting in hearing loss. When the sounds of a language are not heard clearly due to ear infections or hearing loss, it can impact speech and language development. If you know a child who is quiet, not making sounds, he/she may need a hearing assessment and a speech and language assessment.

There can be fluid on the inner side of tympanic membrane, most commonly known as the ear drum.