Modern Secondhand Smoke : The Principle of Unintended Consequences Applied

One thing that we as a society have become guilty of is becoming overly connected to our phones. The ramifications of this societal fault are many but one in particular that I would like to focus on is the impact it has had on our toddlers. The average adult picks up their phone 58 timesContinue reading “Modern Secondhand Smoke : The Principle of Unintended Consequences Applied”

Story Telling

One of the key components to expanding a child’s vocabulary, developing precise grammar, and increasing social skills is teaching your child how to create a story or a narrative. This key skill assists children with learning how to structure their thoughts to produce an organized narrative. Hence, if your child is having difficulty expressing themselves,Continue reading “Story Telling”


Did you know that stuttering is also known as speech fluency? All people experience dysfluent speech at times. Dysfluent speech ranges from word finding difficulties to initial sound, syllable, and word repetitions. Dysfluent speech becomes problematic when it impacts one’s ability to successfully communicate with others. Patient and family education is an important part ofContinue reading “Stuttering”