We are proud of the work we do and how it changes peoples’ lives. Here are some examples of what our clients have said:

Since Rebecca has started working with Scarlett (over a year ago) she has improved so much. I will say that Rebecca has change mine and Scarlett’s lives drastically. When Scarlett first started speech with Rebecca, she was only saying single words. Now sh is speaking in sentences. Rebecca gives amazing advice on things to encourage and enhance speech at home as well. I couldn’t imagine Scarlett working with any other speech pathologist. Rebecca is the perfect fit for us.

Kendra Martin

Changed Lives

Words cannot describe how grateful we are for Rebecca’s services. Before NEATS, my wife and I were constantly worried about our son’s speech delay. Anthony was below average in regards to speech and we feared the worst. Fortunately, we found Rebecca, a speech language pathologist, who helped our son and his speech needs. Anthony went from non-verbal to a chatter box before our very eyes. Rebecca’s methods worked and Anthony is PROOF. Family and friends are amazed at his progress and we owe everything to Rebecca. The only problem now, we can’t get him to stop talking! Rebecca demands results, which is why she is so successful. She will not hesitate to put your child in “timeout” and teach a few lessons on respect and discipline. We initially sought Rebecca for speech therapy and left with a respectful child who is ahead of his peers. Thank you Rebecca for being amazing at what you do!

The Moreno Family


Mrs. Rebecca has been seeing Ryan for one year. He has come such a long way with his speech. Mrs. Rebecca has so much knowledge and is wonderful with Ryan. We are very blessed to have her working with our family. She is highly recommended if you are looking for a passionate and caring individual to help your child succeed.

Minda Welch

We’ve Come a Long Way

My son is almost 3, and we are very happy knowing we don’t have to worry about him struggling to catch up, or worry about other kids/people not understanding him. The peace of mind Rebecca and this whole process has given our family, along with the confidence and speech that it has given our son is something we are truly grateful for.

Tarryn Bowers

Grateful Parent